Promote your business with every message

Did you know customers are more likely to choose a business with a professional email address over one that does not? And with a memorable email address that uses your domain name, you’ll be promoting your business with every new message.

A professional domain based email — i.e., allows you to send and receive email messages from a smartphone, tablet or supported web browser.

Workspaces 99.9% up-time guarantee

A professional email is important for your business, you can count on our ultra-reliable servers to keep your mailbox accessible at all times. Every professional email address is backed by Workspaces 99.9% up-time guarantee and industry-leading security measures to help protect your business data.

We believe that email conversations are between the parties involved. That’s why we don’t access or share any of your data at any time or deliver ads during your online experience.

Complete with unlimited online storage

Whether you’re a startup, a large business, or you just have a lot of files in your mailbox, you know the importance of having enough storage space. Every professional email address comes with unlimited storage and are easily accessible, which is perfect for businesses looking for ease of use.

Businesses are increasingly reliant on cloud based storage solutions. You don’t have to worry about system upgrades or maintenance, our team of experts take care of everything for you.